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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving in Pictures

We had a very busy Thanksgiving. This was our first year to host a Thanksgiving meal at our house. It was a lot of work cleaning, but definitely worth it!

I get the Black Friday ads e-mailed to me early and I've been planning my black friday shopping for well over a week. I spent a little while going through all of the ads again on Thursday morning (after my trip to Walgreens & CVS where I made about $13). Kate pulled some ads down for herself and pointed out every princess, minnie, or elmo thing she could find. I think I have my future black friday shopper already training.

Matthew & Hannah-Matthew (Amy's boyfriend-she's the one taking all of the pictures which is why Matthew is in most of them) is well over 6 feet tall and was a good enough sport to play with Hannah in her house.

Hannah giving Matthew some sugar

Matthew & Jeremiah

I waffled back and forth on whether or not I wanted to post this picture because of the obvious band-aid on my nose. I actually tend to forget it's even there anymore. I go back this Friday for another check, but it's healing really well.

Pilgrim Kate

Matthew & Amy


We headed over to my parents' house to have a Thanksgiving dinner. The girls had a sleepover while Mom and Dad went home. I was crazy enough to brave Wal-Mart this year at midnight. Not too bad, except for the hour wait in line. Then, I woke back up at 3:30 to hit up Sears (where we picked up a Dyson on behalf of my parents at an amazing price), Target, and then back to the mall. We finished our spree at 8:00 a.m. and crashed on the couch for a couple of hours. I am definitely new to this whole black Friday shopping thing. My mom or dad (although he's becoming one) was never a black friday shopper so I've had to teach myself over the past couple of years. Lessons learned this year:
1) Do not go alone! George was great enough to go with me. I sent him straight to the line while I shopped. This eased some of our wait. This bit of advice would have helped me greatly at Wal-Mart.
2) Check to make sure the line you are standing in isn't just feeding into one register. This happened at Wal-Mart (not very happy with their organization of check out procedures), which led to an extremely long wait.
3) Get to Wal-Mart before midnight, load the cart, and get in line to wait.
Overall, my shopping trip was a huge success. The baby was telling me how unhappy he/she was with me choosing to go shopping over sleeping, but eventually the nausea passed and it forgave me. Not cool though when you are standing in line at Wal-Mart surrounded by people (think body heat) and having to listen people spout off profanity. I persevered though because I knew my girls would love the princess comforter sets I got them for $19.00 each and the Disney pajamas.
George has the entire week off & we have something very exciting to look forward to at the end of our week! We get to find out the sex of the baby! YEA!!!! My ultrasound is early on Friday morning, but we are waiting to make the big reveal at a "gender coming out" surprise party with our family that night. Therefore, I will probably keep you in suspense until late Friday night or Saturday morning!
Now, it's off to decorate the house for Christmas!

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  1. I have heard about those kinds of parties! It is a fun idea! Can't wait to hear what ya'll are having!