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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

Many of you are probably thinking, "Why in the world can't this stay-at-home-mom get her blog updated more often?" I'll give you my very valid reasons:

1) "We" (not really we, but George) has been busy every evening tearing apart our hall bathroom. This is what it looked like about a week ago. It has now been almost completely gutted. It's just a bathtub, toilet, and tiny pieces of tile that need to be thrown away. He's worked since last Tuesday at Verizon without a day off and then been doing lawns, working on our bathroom, and other various projects. Therefore, this mama has pretty much been a "single" parent for the last couple of weeks. I'm not complaining, but I am tired.

2) These two little girls keep me going. As if being a mom isn't tiring enough, I'm 33 weeks pregnant and exhausted. In fact, I'm delaying a nap just to write to you all. Don't you feel loved?

Kate reading books on our bed. Doesn't she look so big?

The girls helping me make the bed

Hannah with a very cheesy smile
We had a picnic at the park earlier this week, spent a couple of hours cleaning out a new refrigerator that we inherited from Matt & Sarah's new house, been grocery shopping, went nursery shopping, and so many other things this past week. And tonight is our 2nd childbirth class. The partners are learning massage techniques and I told George he better not work too hard at work today because I expect a good massage. Then he told me that since we got a very good rain last night, if he got the opportunity to work overtime he was going to. So he's going to send me to our childbirth class alone while I watch all of the other moms get nice massages. We'll see...pray for no call out until after 9:00!

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