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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, March 21, 2011


We have had progress on many fronts.

1) These pictures really don't depict any progress other than my darlings. However, their little attitudes have progressed into full two year olds. For people who say they want twins, you can come stay with me for even a day and you may rethink it. I know all kids go through a "terrible twos or terrible threes" stage, but it is kicking my butt. Maybe it's because I am extra irritable with my pregnancy hormones, but I feel like having my own tantrum several times a day! All in all, they are sweet girls and helpful, but as poor Rachel has learned the hard way: stay out of their way if you are holding a toy that is theirs. Some of their newest words include: mine & gimme back. Ahhhh!

In the pictures below they are donning their hats they made at church last week. They were so proud of all of their crafts they brought home.


2) Pregnancy progress-I am growing and growing some more. I am actually fairly comfortable thus far. Other than the occasional hard to get rid of acid reflux and some very painful nerve pain in my belly, I can't complain. I'm not anywhere near the miserable point yet. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow! Woohoo! It's hard to believe the end is so close. I am ready to meet this precious babe (yep-still no name), yet we have so much to do. I'm currently working hard to shopping for a minivan, preferably a Honda Odyssey. We want to pay cash so our choices are very limited, but it's doable. The most frustrating thing is looking on craigslist and e-mailing people and finding out they are just scams. I don't have time to waste with that nonsense.
I am also very excited about painting the nursery sometime this week or weekend. I've decided on colors and am looking forward to getting something accomplished before this baby gets here. We are still no where near ready to move the girls into their new room, but we still have 5 weeks left, right? Maybe...
34 weeks
3) George's progress-he is slowly but surely making bathroom progress. He and our friend were literally up until 3 the other night working on it. Here are some things to note: new exhaust fan in the top of the picture, canned lighting in between the windows, new windows (thank you Matt & DJ)...
all the drywall is up...
new concrete board in the tub area...

There is still much to be done, but it's coming. After having to do a lot of re-wiring in the attic, he noticed that we didn't have much insulation so he is going to be blowing insulation up there. Projects are never as easy or simple as you anticipate them to be.

He had a 3 day weekend this past weekend, but another small hiccup. Hannah and him were sick, which doesn't make for much motivation to do a lot of work. Here is Kate keeping Daddy company while he sleeps. Right before I took this picture she had her hand on his head.

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