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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 25, 2011


You always read me write about how happy my little Reagan is and here are a couple of pictures to prove it!

Here are my other usually happy girls bearing not so happy faces. I told Kate to say cheese, but her smile looks a little scary.
George is finally home. You may have picked up on some of my references to how busy we were last week. He went on his 3rd annual mission trip to Kentucky with some others in our bible fellowship class to help build a church. I didn't want to come right out and say he was gone for safety reasons. I more than survived my week. We stayed busy going to the park, Busch Gardens, and having a dinner with some of the other moms from our class who had husbands gone. Now it's time to get back to our regular busy life of working around the house. Today's project is to clean out our garage. Ever since we moved into our house, I've wanted new, working garage doors. It's not fun getting caught out in the FL rain showers trying to get 3 kiddos into the house and getting into a HOT car. We are also have our electric company come out and inspect our attic for insulation so that we can get a money credit in order to put some insulation in the attic. Our electric bills are climbing and it's ridiculous. George said there's no insulation in most of our house. While cleaning out a garage doesn't sound like much fun, I'm super excited. Call me crazy, but I guess that's just the organizational neat freak in me!

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