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Saturday, June 4, 2011

When Life Hands you Lemons...

make lemonade, right? Or at least take photos to make for some good blog posts! That's what Sarah and I decided to do when Kate pulled her stool up to the kitchen window and accidentally pulled down some of George's plants sitting on the window sill. Oops! How can you not laugh when your daughter is covered in dirt and is yelling for me to get it out of her mouth?!

We also had George's mom and her husband in from Canada over the Memorial Day weekend. It was a lot of fun! We mostly hung out at our house and swam in the pool. On Friday we went down to eat at the Old Salty Dog restaurant and then headed over to a "beach" by St. Armand's circle. Ummm...yeah, we'll have to stick to the normal beaches in Sarasota. You will see why in a couple of pictures.

Reagan & Grammy Kelso

Hannah's Lemonade Story:

The beach we went to was really nothing but shards of shell and this rock stuff. Hannah managed to fall after being there for five minutes and cut up her entire leg. It was bleeding fairly profusely so we headed for a walk-in clinic anticipating stitches. Luckily, the clinic did not take our insurance and by that time the bleeding had stopped so we opted to go to CVS instead and did all of the wound care ourselves. Dr. Mommy to the rescue! Hannah was a great sport and all she cared about the entire time was going swimming.

George & Erin kayaking

Reagan and I hung out on the little piece of grass that was there

Hanging out in the pool

Reagan also had her follow-up with the pediatric GI this week. He said that her intestines still look puffy, but that her stomach was soft. We are going to keep her on the stool softener and re-check her again in 2 months. My little chunky monkey is 11 pounds already! She is still as sweet as can be! I guess that is it for now. Enjoy your weekend! We have a busy one.

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