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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Travelin' Fools

So one of the first questions that I am sure is on everyone's mind is, "How did the plane ride go with 2 preschoolers and a toddler?"   The plane rides (all 4 of them) going there went pretty smoothly.  I bought a bunch of toys from Target and Toys R' Us before we left to keep them entertained and ended up returning $32 worth of them after we got home.  Two of the Air Canada flights had DVD players on the back of every seat and we had two portable DVD players and that seemed to be the best solution to keeping them entertained.  They slept fairly well on each flight, too. 

We  traveled from Tampa, FL to Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada in a total of 16 hours travel time and then another hour car trip to Dawson Creek, British Columbia.  We spent the night at Mom & Kevin's house and then awoke fairly early (5 a.m. due to kids still on eastern time) the next morning and drove for about another 9 hours to Fraser Lake (more specifically, Laurie Lake) to camp with some of George's extended family.  We had so much fun!  We spent a week there.  We (mostly George) did a lot of fishing, went exploring in the forest on the ranger (a golf cart on steroids with the abilities of a four-wheeler), ate some delicious food, and just enjoyed spending time with family. Here are most of the pictures from that week.  There will be more to come on the next post.  

The weather was still fairly cool so long pants and coats were in order.

Our camper for the week!  It was so nice and had plenty of room for the 5 of us!

I know it looks really cluttered, but I took pictures before I got everything organized.

Hannah and Kate slept on the bottom bunks in their new Princess sleeping bags.  They were too big to fit in the suitcases to bring home, but Grandma Kelso is shipping them!

This little bug was just too cute with her shovel.  She loved the shovel and just playing outdoors, as evidenced by her multiple mosquito bites.

Hannah and Kate doing puzzles in Grandma & Grandpa Kelso's camper.

The view from the lake of our campsite.  It was wilderness camping.  No bathrooms, no water, no electricity.  We had to bring all of that with us.

Trout from the lake

I love these sunset pictures!  The sunrise was at 4:30 a.m. and sunset was at 10:30 p.m.

Hannah, Ty, and Kate playing in the water.  They are second cousins.  Ty has a 3 month old sister, Isabel.

I absolutely LOVE this picture!  I could just eat her up!

Daddy diapering the wrong end.

It rained about every day we were there.

S'more night!  Yumm

Another favorite activity: picking wildflowers!

George, Grandpa Kelso (Kevin), Lauren, Hannah, and Kate fishing

Don't you love her little pink boots?  They are adorable.

Another post to come real soon...

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