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Thursday, October 8, 2009

If Ever There Was an Award...

If ever there was an award for crappiest (my apologies to those who don't like that word-I could also use the word poopiest) night of the week, month, or possibly year. We might have taken the cake tonight. Sit back, relax, laugh, throw up in your mouth a little (really), and be SO glad that it didn't happen to you.

As you know, we are still dealing with a bad diaper rash for Hannah. I was giving her her medicine and stupid me left the bottle just within her reach and she spilled half of the amoxicillin on the counter. Not knowing whether or not the pediatrician would prescribe us another 1/2 bottle, I decided to do my best to salvage what was on the counter. I got some of it. I've also been trying to give Hannah some naked time and the best time seemed to be right after she goes to sleep. I've been letting her sleep diaper-free until I go to bed and then I put her diaper on. Great idea...until tonight.

I heard some fussing and figured Hannah had probably peed so I went to check it out. Yep, she had peed all over her blanket and bed. Not a big deal, very easy to clean up. I stuck her in Kate's crib while I changed her sheets. I had 3 corners of the sheet on the mattress. I look over and see a glob of poop on Kate's sheets. Hannah was standing at the side of the crib. Kate's head was just under her butt. I quickly pulled Kate out of the way. As soon as I moved her, I saw a big poop smear. Little did I know that Kate's head was already on a pile of poop. So I just smeared her head through the poop. (Anyone want to run to the shower and make sure your hair is clean?)

I grabbed Hannah and got her on the changing table, stripped her, and threw a diaper on her. Then, I threw her back in her crib. After dragging her monkey through the poop, stepping in it, and putting her hand in it, (luckily she had a pacifier in her mouth so she didn't eat it), Kate got a bath...twice. So what was supposed to be a nice, quiet night reading a book until "The Office" came on, turned out to be a pretty crappy night. I hope that you can enjoy your evening knowing that it must have been better than mine!

P.S. I love my little girls so incredibly much. It takes a lot of love to keep your cool when there is poop smeared everywhere.

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  1. Mommy that sounds really gross, I think every Mom has a poop story, My Mom always tells stories about us! If you can possible erase that night from your memory your kids wouls appreciate that! You made it through thr cr....ppy night! Well Done!