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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Up to a lot of nothin'

I know that I will start to hear rustling from the crowd if I wait too long in between posts so I decided to be ahead. Hannah has actually had a bit of a fever starting yesterday. Not sure what it's from yet. They are both still cutting teeth and we are moving from the front of the mouth to the back so it could be from that. Who knows? Kate has been busy practicing her walking. I'll try to get it on camera soon. I think the most steps she has taken has probably been around 6 or 7. I've noticed her venturing from object to object on her own without having to be encouraged or coaxed so I think she's becoming a little more confident in her new skills. However, she still gets a little too excited sometimes and falls right over. Other than that I think things around here are normal. I'm going to try and take a little nap before Rachel (who's also not feeling well) comes over and I've got my hands full. Whooo...those nights wear me out, but I love hanging out with the girls. The other night when we watched Rachel while Matt and Sarah went out with some friends, all three girls were plopped in front of the TV watching a Baby Einstein DVD so George and I could eat our dinner in semi-silence. I had a little mental picture of the three of them playing together in about another year or so. So sweet!

Speaking of sweet, check out these sweet little faces...


Hannah-these pictures are post-fever so that's why her eyes are a little "groggy"


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  1. Lauren,

    Funny you ask about my girls looking so much alike...but I think your girls look for sure identical. I can see so many differences in Beatrice and Olivia, but alot of people ask me that.. The girls are so adorable!!