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Friday, October 23, 2009

A few of their favorite things...

These are a few of the girls' new favorite things to do:

They have just started to sit down and really look at books. It's sweet!

Their next favorite thing to do is watch Baby Einstein. They only get to watch one a day (unless I'm watching Rachel also and it's close to bedtime~then we make an exception and put it on repeat play). The girls put themselves in this position the other day while watching TV. Sisterly love already!
"Aunt Sam" (one of my friends who gained this title for teaching Kate how to clap) also taught Kate how to clap. Now when I clap, Kate will "clap." Her version of clapping right now is smacking one hand on top of the other. I think she's still working on the hand-to-hand coordination. She'll get it soon.
Hannah loves to dance. Anytime music comes on, she starts swaying back and forth. It's too sweet for words. She also took her first step on Tuesday. She immediately fell, but it was a step. Woohoo!

And, of course, we love to "torture" Bella. We are still learning what it means to be gentle though. Once again, I apologize for the darkness of the video. Bella is actually sitting in between the girls. You can't really see that they are playing with her with one of Bella's dog toys, but you can hear that they are having fun!

I am excited because we went on a little shopping trip to the mall, courtesy of Nanny & Grampy Lantz (THANK YOU) and they got the cutest little outfits. They are cold weather outfits though so you'll have to wait to see them. They are also spending the night over there so I can get up early and go garage saleing (is that even a word?). I am normally not one to garage sale, but we have this huge community garage sale with nice, quality clothes and toys so it's kinda been a tradition with my parents and my sister that we go. We started ever since I found out I was pregnant a couple of Aprils ago. I'm excited to add even more clothes to their wardrobe for a cheap price and possibly a few toys, but I don't know because we've run out of room to put them anywhere. I'll do a post on what treasure I find!

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