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Friday, October 2, 2009

To Appease the Masses

So according to some of you out there (ahem...namely Nanny Lantz, but who's mentioning names), I need to update my blog. I do agree. I guess I just got into a little blog funk and without extremely exciting news to report, I just haven't felt like posting. Here's some of what's changed recently. George has been working A LOT (notice the capital letters) and he is also on a new shift. He works 5 days a week from 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m. It's nice to have him home in the mornings, but I told him today that it's not the mornings that I need help or am anxious for company. It's when it gets to dinnertime, I am ready to get out of the house. We'll make do though. Plus, the weather has been AWESOME and it really has me itching to be anywhere but my house, even if that just means getting outside to get into my car to go somewhere inside. He was also hard at work painting our house. Taking full advantage of the real estate market right now, we are putting our house up for rent and looking for a bigger house for our family. The house we have now is great but is a 3/2 and when we originally moved in, we didn't realize our family would expand as rapidly as it did. While we have opportunity and are not in any rush, we figured we would try to rent out our house and see if we could go bigger for less money. We've looked at a couple of houses so far. George really wants some land (not a huge amount), but enough to replant his blueberries and to have room to park his truck and trailer. Speaking of the truck and trailer, starting on October 1st, we pretty much cut off all but 5 of the lawns we were mowing. We decided to downsize and turn those lawns over to a friend who has a lawn business. However, George will be the primary employee so it will mean him spending more time away from home to do lawns. The only reason we really kept the 5 or so lawns we did was because we have a lawn mower that we need to pay off.

As far as the girls, Kate took her first step and then quickly crumpled to the ground. Uncle Michael thought that using a remote controller would entice her and he was right. She is not by any means an independent walker, but she actually will lead you now if you hold on to her hands and walk behind her. Hannah has been battling the same diaper rash/yeast infection that Kate is now cleared of. No ear infection for Hannah, but I think that we have been in the pediatrician's office almost every week for the past month and the copays do add up. Here is George laying on the couch with the girls this morning. Hannah is airing her hiney out, but we covered her up for the picture.

Kate was laying on the ground staring at Bella right before I took the picture. They love to chase her and pet (which right now is a not so gentle pat) her.

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