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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

George and I took a trip with Matt & Sarah about 3 years ago now to Boston. During that time period George and I were trying to get pregnant. We ate at the Cheers bar in Boston and then visited the gift shop. They had really cute baby t-shirts and onesies. However, we weren't pregnant yet, but out of faith we went ahead and bought a (notice it's singular) t-shirt. Well, I stuffed it in my dresser drawers and just kept believing by faith that we'd have a baby to fill it one day. When I found out that we were having twins, I knew that we had to get another t-shirt. Luckily, Matt and Sarah went to visit his parents in Boston and I had her snatch another t-shirt. Well, they finally got to wear them today because they fit into them. Sorry these pictures aren't the best. It's really hard to get them to sit next to each other and stay still. They love to crawl towards me as soon as they see the camera come out.

Sisterly love (we have already entered the spatting stage-pulling hair, pushing, biting each other's toes-AHHHH!)

Kate is recovering from crying. It really is a smile on her face.

Kate (letting her displeasure be known) & Hannah


Hannah & Kate-they love to play with anything that opens and shuts

Hannah & Kate
We also went to story time at the library again this morning. This story time was a little bit more overwhelming than the last because of the large volume of moms and babies. What was funny though was that Kate decided that she was going to be the little social butterfly and "introduced" herself to almost every mommy and her baby during story time. At least no one seemed to mind and the door was closed so she couldn't escape. I think most people were probably thinking, "Poor woman. She's already got one kid in her lap. She's too busy to chase after this one." All in all, it was fun! And George got A LOT done around the house today. We are going to rent our current house out and attempt to find a bigger house for our doubled family.

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  1. ?I am going through withdrawl sp?, any updates on our prescious grandgirls