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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birthday Party-Part IV

Okay, this is the last post on the party, but more to come on their actual birthday. Here are some pictures of the people who came to celebrate with us! THANK YOU to everyone who not only celebrated with us at their party, but also joined us in prayer and praise over their first year of life! I know that we've said it before, but THANK YOU so much for being prayer warriors for our precious daughters. It has meant so much to us and I hope that one day it will mean so much to them!

Daddy making kissy faces at Kate
Daddy, I think it goes a little higher.

Notice Hannah's beet red face. She just snapped herself with the string on the hat.

Carter & Cooper


  1. Lauren, they are so cute! Congrats on two beautiful girls. :) I love your little blog!

  2. Oh I love the canopy for your wagon.. we have the same wagon without that.. Oh I wonder if I can order it?? Love it! The girls look adorable