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Friday, September 11, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk, Unless...

it was spilled in the backseat of your car on a warm Florida afternoon and you were stuck in a place where you didn't have anything to clean it up with until a few hours later. That's right. Every time I get into my car, I am greeted with the smell of soured milk. I packed a bottle of milk for the girls in a cooler and the cooler spilled and with it the milk that was in the bottle. It was partly my fault for not putting in the little disc that ensures nothing spills from the bottle. Silly me, I thought a cooler would actually hold any liquid inside of it. I guess I learned my lesson. At least we are on to spill free sippy cups (that's right-we are successfully weaned from the bottle & no more bedtime bottle either-woohoo-that was much easier than I thought).

I tried regular old carpet cleaner and Febreeze, but that didn't work at all. I am currently using baking soda and lots of it. I basically spilled about 1/3 of the baking soda box on the floor of my car where it spilled and left the rest of the box in there to freshen my car. It actually seemed to work, but sometimes I get in and it still smells like old milk. We'll see what happens when I vaccuum it up.

Since I have a lot of seasoned mothers who read my blog, I was just wondering if you have any solutions to our spilled sour milk dilemma in case our baking soda stops working? Thanks in advance (especially from Hannah & Kate who ride in the backseat)!

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  1. Have you tried googling the topic because that is how I found out that WD-40 would remove tar from our carpet. I will also put it out there on the Babywise group and see if anyone has any good hints.