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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Babies' First Halloween (Together)

Yea, yea... I know that it's not their real first Halloween. However, last year they were separated. So it was their first one...together.

We took the girls to our church's "Trunk or Treat". George's parents' RV is a "land yacht" so their theme was Noah's Ark. Hannah and Kate were the two by two lions. They did a great job, other than the minor freakout Hannah had when we first got there. I think she was a little overwhelmed by all of the people there. However, I was truly impressed with them not messing at all with their little lion manes. They did SO good!
Kate (if I wanted to lie to you I could claim she was waving here, but really she's not)

Grandpa & Grandma Schaefer came to visit

Mommy, Hannah, Kate, Daddy

Hannah & Kate-aren't these the cutest chairs? Nanny & Grampie Lantz got them for them

Aunt Erin, Hannah, Kate, Aunt Amy (this was part of Hannah's freak out)

Hannah & Grandma Schaefer

Hannah (did I mention that she was going for the cowardly lion act) & Daddy
Hannah and Kate are now both clapping! Yea girls! They are so proud of themselves and I am, too! Hannah is even waving...kind of. She waved to the Babies R' Us cashier the other day. I guess we need to teach her this whole stranger danger thing. In due time.

We caught the clapping on tape, but once again, every time I transfer video, it gets darker every time I download it. I think you can still see it though. Enjoy!

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