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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Garage Sweet Garage

For most things in life, I have a go-getter personality. God did not create me to just sit by and let other people do things for me. This can be a blessing or as most Christian women have experienced can be a curse. What I mean is that when God is telling you that He will change a situation or calls you into submission under your husband's authority in His timing, that is hard to swallow for a woman who thinks she knows what is best. However, I decided that after a year of not having my car in the garage where it has spent some time off and on until George decides to acquire more stuff and then it gets shoved back out to the driveway, I was putting it back into its rightful "home." George came home about 3/4 of the way through my little project and called me a "crazy woman" because I had actually moved or scooted some pretty heavy stuff. I have been asking for weeks, probably months, now if he would clean out the garage. I'll let you guess where that request went. If it looked like trash, it went in the trash. He's actually lucky that most of his stuff is too heavy for me to lift, otherwise, I would have had much more trash. I even went through some of my old boxes and threw away some trophies and awards that I received throughout my education. For a pack rat like myself that was a little difficult. However, I know that my treasure is not here on earth and I figured I'm just saving my children the time of throwing things away when I die one day. After about 5 hours of hard work, I accomplished my goal. I parked my car in the garage with room to get passengers in and out.

The other two little crazy women in the house are just normal babies. Getting into everything and having fun doing it.

I bought them shoes the other day because I wanted to have something to cover their feet with in the cooler weather. I just went to Target and got the "cheap" shoes. They do have flexible soles so it helps them to learn to walk better. Those little shoes cost me $13 a pair. Multiply that by two and the little black dress shoes that they need and we're talking a lot of money just for shoes that they will outgrow in a couple of months. It's the times two that gets us. However, WE WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. Check out the adorable little shoes.



I don't know if you can see what Kate is doing in this video, but she has a little toy chair that she is bouncing up and down in. She can actually stand up out of it without any help. She's becoming much more skilled at bending down and picking things up without falling over while trying to stand back up.


  1. You go girl! The Lantz timing is interesting, to say the least! But you gotta love them beyond that!

    Kate is really building her thigh muscles.

  2. Very impressive!! And very inspiring :). I'm still not in the garage myself...we actually don't even have a garage door opener yet! I'm surprised George was okay with you throwing his stuff away :)! Maybe someday I'll have a before and after pic of our garage...But I have to ask - how did you get 5 hours in one day when you have two little girls???!!!