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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Many Reasons to Be Thankful, But...

These two might just be in my top 3. Happy Thanksgiving! Last night we borrowed a zebra sit n' spin toy from a friend. It's getting passed around between her, us, and my sister as our children out grow and grow into it. It's Hannah and Kate's turn now. They love it, as if it's hard to surmise that from the smiles on their faces. Just incase you still have trouble telling them apart, Hannah is the one on the zebra in all of these pictures and her shirt is buttoned over her jeans. No, we are not going for a new fashion statement. We just had some spit up mishaps while we were visiting some friends and it was just easiest to not have to take off their jeans.

Here's Hannah riding her zebra

Finally, I got Kate walking on camera. This girl gets around well now.

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