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Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy 18 Months!

Happy 18 Months, Hannah & Kate! How exciting that we have reached the 1.5 year old mark. No longer babies or infants, but toddlers. And let me tell you just how toddlerish they are becoming. My sweet happy Hannah definitely has developed quite the temper. She gets her little feet a dancing and a stomping and she lets you know how unhappy she is. She has even thrown herself on the ground this past week. Kate gets upset when she's unhappy, but certainly doesn't throw the foot-stomping tantrums that Hannah does. Kate is our little talker. She is obsessed with telling us that the puppies say woof. She also knows what a sheep, bear, and car say. She can say ball, bye, dada, and uh-oh. Hannah prefers her own little language. However, she can tell us what a bear says and says mama and dada. They love calling their dada's name. Of course, George loves it just as much. They have pretty much dropped their morning nap. We've been so busy these past couple of weeks that I think they've decided there are much more exciting things going on than sleeping. They generally take a 2 to 3 hour nap in the afternoons.

Hannah weighed in at 19 lbs. 8 oz. She is 30" tall. She even wore 18 month clothes this morning. She's growing! She loves her veggies and is overall a good eater.

Kate weighed in at 22 lbs. 8 oz. She refused to sit on the infant scale, but loved the chance to stand on the toddler scale. She knew exactly what was going on when we went into the exam room today. She is 31.25" tall. She is still having some bowel problems, but we are upping her doses of Miralax and if that doesn't work, then we'll be talking her to see a gastroentrologist doctor. It's like the poor girl is trying to birth a child every time she poops. It's bad.

On the home front, we are completely moved out of our house. We are home owners, but homeless. The offer that we put in on the house out in Dover has expired and we are moving on. We offered the full asking price, but the seller's realtor obviously had no true interest in selling the house because she never even answered the offer. Her loss. Unfortuately, our loss, too. I'm choosing to believe though that God didn't want us to have that house because nothing was working out. We have a couple of other houses that we want to go look at. To say that we are discouraged and frustrated would be right on. We have invested so much work into getting our old house up to par and we just feel exhausted. We also are emotionally drained from looking at houses and nothing coming to fruition.

I had my 26th birthday this past week. As an adult, they come and go without much hooplah. I actually spent the evening shampooing the carpets at our house. Woohoo! We did have a family celebration last night at Erin and Dru's house. They made some yummy pizza! I'm looking forward to a "normal" week that includes bible study, story time, and the normal errands. Everyone is finally healthy and we're hoping that it stays that way!

Here are some pictures of our time running around in the backyard this afternoon.

This is just me trying to get some pictures to put on the blog.



Here are some of Hannah playing at our old house while I was cleaning. I actually forgot I had these on my camera. She loves having her blanket over her head.

And here is some video of them during snack time today. I was trying to get them to show off, but apparently all it did was make me look stupid. Normally when I tell Hannah to say cheese, she squints her eyes and gives a big toothy grin. Enjoy!

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