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Monday, March 29, 2010

Short Little Updates

Some of you have been asking how things are going with the house and the girls, so I thought I'd let everyone know:

Hannah & Kate-their bowel issues are all cleared up. In fact they cleared up so well that we are now back to having our normal bowel issues with Kate. I took her off the Miralax while she was sick but I put her back on it and hopefully it should clear up her problem. She does have a bit of a runny nose. Not sure if it's allergies or a cold though. One of the reasons I know they are feeling much better is because they are back to eating really well. Hannah scarfs down almost anything put in front of her and Kate ate lunch twice yesterday.

George-he's doing good. He's still dealing with some back pain, but at least has some pain pills for that. We went out to the Greenfest at UT this past weekend with my parents and sister and had a great time. Ever since George started his lawn care business, he has become increasingly interested in plants and trees. I made a deal with him that he can landscape the outside of the house however he wanted if I can decorate the inside of the house however I want.

Lauren-I have good days and bad days. It kind of depends on how busy I keep myself. Don't really want to get into too much more.

The House-Thank you for continuing to pray. We actually came up a little bit on the price, which we thought was fair. Once that was communicated, we found out that there was at least one other "off the books offer" that is higher than ours, but also involved concessions (asking the seller to pay closing costs). There is also a 2nd showing of the house today to another person and they are waiting to see what comes from that. Our frustration with all of this is that we thought with offering a higher price we'd finally be able to move forward, but we're still waiting. It seems like things get within our reach, but then snatched away. We're both disappointed, but trying to remind each other that we are putting our hope in GOD and not some house.

I guess that's it for now!

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  1. Wow - so many things going on at once!! It has be a strange feeling not knowing where you'll be in the next month or so! If that's not your house, there will be a better one! (but I sure hope that's the one!) We worked on getting one house for quite a few months and it was so strange when it totally ended. I had already day-dreamed about us living in it for months :). But I like our new house and location much better! And it was settled very quickly. (oh - and I think you definitely have the better deal if you get to decorate the entire inside how you want! lol)