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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Whoa...Where Did the Time Go?

**I'm not sure why it did this, but my post on Reagan went beneath my party post. Just didn't want you to miss it!**

One minute they were 3 year old princesses and the next they are 16 year old drivers? Not really, but they are driving...sort of. I guess it's a family tradition to own a Jeep in the Lantz family. George's parents have owned more than one, George owned one, I owned one, Amy owned one, and now Hannah and Kate are the proud owners of their very own Barbie Jeep. They have already been off roading. Grammie and Grandpa Kelso (George's mom and husband) bought them it for their birthday. Kate has been the only driver thus far. Hannah is perfectly content to be the passenger. We asked her if she wanted to drive, but she said no. They actually took it for a "drive to Walgreens" (around the backyard) on Monday. It's funny because I used to go to Walgreens every week, but have not been in a couple of months. I was surprised when that was where they decided they were going. I'm a little disappointed it wasn't Publix! Kate is still working on steering, but they have a blast.

We spent most of Labor Day just hanging around the house, recovering from our whirlwind princess weekend.

On Wednesday, my princesses went to see our favorite pediatrician for their 3 year well visit. Hannah weighs 28 lbs. (25th%) and is 36.25 inches (25th%). She is finally on the growth charts all by herself...woohoo!!! Kate weighs 33 lbs. (75th%) and is 37.5 inches (50th%). They both thought getting to wear little papers gowns was the coolest. When it was time to leave I had to talk them into taking them off and putting their real clothes back on. They got their flu shots and it was kind of sad that they both said "Owww!" when the needle went in. Long gone are the days when they are ignorant to shots. It took us fifteen minutes to put pee in cups, but we managed to do it without spilling and without mommy losing her cool (although, I will admit that I muttered shut up under my breath...I know it was a bad mommy moment). I really wanted to make it out of that bathroom without spilling two cups of urine all over the place and we did. The second we got home and in the door (literally...ask Sarah), Hannah started stripping off her clothes so she could put her paper gown back on...hilarious. Kate eventually did the same and got out her stethoscope and played doctor.

We are very much looking forward to having George home for a 3 day weekend and hopefully getting our shower completely tiled (fingers crossed)! Have I mentioned that in just 8 days, we are officially DONE with our lawn care business! It takes away too much time from our family and we have paid off the mower so we are DONE! Both of us are ecstatic!

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