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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Strikes & Yer Out

For all of you baseball fans, you will appreciate my sports analogy.  Hang with me while I explain.  I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and thought maybe it was just because we slept with the windows open.  I just finished my antibiotics for strep throat on Monday morning.  As the day wore on, I began to feel worse.  I barely slept last night so I called the doctor this morning. 

Strike #1: The doctor's hours are from 9-4.  Really?  And they take an hour lunch.  How does that leave you time to see patients and to treat people who are sick?  At first, they couldn't get me in until 2:30.  Then they called back and said they could get me in at 9:45.  I said that was fine, but I would have to bring my children with me.  There is a sign in the lobby that says, NO children under the age of 12 will be allowed in the exam room or the lobby because of health concerns for both children and adults.  The receptionist said it would be okay.

Strike #2: The doctor walks in the room asks me how I am doing and says, "Oh, I see you brought your babies.  It really is dangerous to bring children to doctors' offices, the hospital, or nursing homes.  You might want to rethink that next time."  I guess we shouldn't tell him that I take them to the hospital (gasp...even the NICU with sick babies) to show the love of Jesus.  Okay...have a little compassion, doc.  Let me tell you what was not on the top of my list of things to do today.  Wake up feeling like crap after barely sleeping last night, wake up a sleeping baby, drag 3 children with me to a doctor's office where I know I am going to be glared at, and then listen to you chastise me about how it's not safe for me to bring my children with me so I can start feeling better so I can better care for my children.  Maybe that's not how he meant it, but it sure did come out condescending and belittling.  I'm so sorry that I can't afford to have a baby-sitter in my back pocket.  Did you forget to take your compassion medicine this morning?

Strike #3: This is the 3rd time I have seen him since July and every time I come in, he asks why I am on a certain medicine that I take to prevent UTIs.  Shouldn't you write that in your chart somewhere so I don't feel like you are as incompetent as you sound?  I know he sees many patients and I don't at all expect him to remember me and my medications, but at least write it down to remind you.

Strike #4: You think I'm a baseball idiot, don't ya?  I know baseball only has 3 strikes, but I'm not done complaining.  I at least got my medicine.  He didn't think it was strep, but gave me a z-pack in case.  But as soon as he recommended the medicine, he asked if I was breastfeeding.  When I said yes, he gave me this, "Well, that stinks look," because now I have to figure out something else.  Problem solved though.  I have a deep freezer literally full of breast milk and some is set to go bad in the next couple of weeks so I can just use that milk and pump and dump.  

So I am thinking that it is time to change doctors yet again.  I am grateful that I have family & friends in town that can help me in a bind, but ultimately my children are my responsibility and if they are not welcome at your doctor's office, than I think I will take us somewhere else.  

On a bright note, I was going through old posts recently and found this picture of Kate.  Today when I went to put Reagan (2nd picture) down for her morning nap, she had fallen asleep on the floor, wearing the exact same outfit Kate had on in her picture.  Right now, Hannah and Kate are at Sarah's (THANK YOU) house and Reagan is napping in her crib.  Time for me to catch some sleep, too. 

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  1. Lauren, as a medical professional, I'm sorry about your bad experience at the clinic! There is not much worse than feeling crappy and then your health care provider making you feel even worse! If you are looking for an awesome, Christian doctor who loves children, I would highly recommend Dr. Daniel Jasko and his wife Dr. Beth Belof-Jasko. They see both children and adults, are incredibly kind and thorough. They are off of Boyette road.