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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Giggles & Bush Gardens

Sarah and I, along with our 4 girl circus, finally made it out to Busch Gardens about a month and a half after our planned, but failed trip.  It was crowded.  We got there 10 minutes after the park opened and there was no stroller parking so we made the trek from the parking lot to the entrance pushing two double strollers.  We felt it made up for our missing the gym.  The lines to get in were long.  The only reason we could gather as to why the park was so crowded was that there were a lot of Europeans on vacation.  Either way, we hit the kid area early enough to ride one ride and catch the Sesame Street show.  We also saw some animals and played in the water.  We finally made it out of the park around 2:15.

It was all decorated for Halloween so we got to sneak in one good fall photo.

No luck finding a baby-sitter for my little bug so she tagged along and was such a delight the whole time!

 Hannah, Kate, and Rachel were finally tall enough to try a new ride.  It's a little log flume thing and they seemed to enjoy it.

 "Mommy forgot to pack a spoon to go with my mashed bananas, but I was a big girl and ate off an adult sized plastic spoon.  Mommy says I am growing up way too fast, especially after she saw me on my hands and knees the other day.  I say that I just want to hang with the big girls!"
 "I love me some Aunt Sarah." 
The only time I have heard Reagan laugh was at Rachel.  We got little laughs out of her here.

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