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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, October 3, 2011

What Do They Call You?

Hannah and Kate finally got to use their princess umbrellas.  We bought these with some of their birthday money and they just couldn't wait for it to rain.

 They have been in the habit the last couple of days of going into our closet and pulling down some of my shirts and wearing them.  I thought this picture was cute because they were in the same pose watching TV.
Reagan finally mastered rolling both ways this past week, which has led to some major napping disruptions and the complete dropping of the swaddler.  She is also slowly getting past her cold.  I almost think she might have a tooth coming in, too, because her daytime sleep has been horrible lately.  She's as sweet as can be though!

 And this is what happens when Reagan is left home with Daddy.  She ends up "riding" Bella. 

On a positive note...ta da!!!   Yes, it's about 85 % of the way there, but all of the tile is in the shower now.  It still has to be sealed, grouted, and, oh yes, the hole for the shower head needs to be cut (minor details, right).  I know that George is excited to have it almost done and I am, too!  His next project is to make the vanity. 

Ever since Hannah and Kate were babies (like a couple of months old), I would hold them over my head, sing a little song, and wiggle them to make them dance.  It usually generated smiles so it's stuck around.  The song is just, "They call her Kate Elizabeth, Kate Kate Elizabeth." or "They call her Hannah Grace, Hahannah Grace."  Well, we have now opened it up to all sorts of other people and variations.  I'm not sure when the girls actually learned to sing it themselves, but I got it on video the other day.  At the weekly Sunday Lantz lunch we were singing it and Hannah and Kate were inserting everyone's names in there to the right tune.  I was impressed! 

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