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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Lane

I am on a roll with these posts.  It may be deceiving because it seems like I have a lot of downtime, but that is quite contrary to reality.  I know that if I get behind on blogging, that's one more thing I will have looming over my head. 

These couple of pictures were of yesterday morning.  She was wearing her Minnie Mouse pajamas.  I just thought it was cute that she was snuggled around her lovey.  I lowered her crib mattress and took off the bumper pads.  Sniff sniff.  She can sit up by herself now and was starting to pull on the pads so I figured now would be a good time to take them off.  She's getting so big!

We also made our annual trip to Christmas Lane in Dover.  It was much more crowded this year as we usually go a little earlier in December, but our vacation kind of got in the middle of that.  We still had fun and they even got to see Santa.  We missed our annual trip to the mall since my mom is working at home.  We usually would go out to lunch with her at the mall by her work and then go see Santa.  This Santa line was much quicker though!

 Waiting in line for the train
 The back of Kate

 Rachel attempting to jump off the train
 Reagan & Nanny
 Rachel & Kate catching "snowflakes"
 Reagan & Grampie

Next stop on the Lantz Christmas train...NICU gifts!

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