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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Magic Kingdom

Some of George's family just happened to be in town during our vacation and they have a 4 year old girl who also happens to love Disney so we met up with his entire family for Magic Kingdom.  It's always more fun doing theme parks with family and especially ones that don't mind watching the younger ones while we big kids did our rides! :) 

The lines at Magic Kingdom were awesome!  We walked on most rides and the longest wait we had was to see Rapunzel.  We picked the perfect week to go!

 Snow White's ride
 This little bug did great considering her lack of sleep and that she was growing her first tooth!  I left her alone for two days and she decides to go and grow a tooth.

 First time meeting Alice in Wonderland


 Stitch from "Lilo & Stitch"
 Daddy (& Grampie) takes his Buzz Lightyear ride very seriously

 Reagan's first ride! 

 Lovely Lantz ladies
 Meeting Jesse & Woody was extra special.  One of the perks of our hotel room was cable (3 Disney channels-woohoo!) and they had just seen their first "Toy Story" movie at the hotel.

 The night parade

We stayed until the park closed and we were exhausted and we still had a lot left to do.  Luckily, we bought 3 day passes so we will be going back sometime in the near future to use up our last day and hit all the stuff we missed this time!  One more vacation post coming tomorrow...

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