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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


On Christmas Eve, we did the usual minus church.  Our church was having a 4:00 service and that was still during naptime so we decided to skip that and planned to go to church on Sunday morning.  Those plans got nixed since we weren't able to put Hannah and Kate in class due to runny noses and coughs.  Are my kids the only ones who catch a bug as soon as they get over another one?  Frustrating.

 George & his cello making its annual appearance
 Our Christmas tree (which has already taken residence up outside)

George hid my present in the tree.  Little did we know, that we each got each other Bibles for Christmas.  I got George a brand new bible to replace the one he lost a couple of years ago.  He recovered mine with leather and stitched it by hand. 
 On Christmas morning, we woke up and opened up presents with just the five of us.

 Daddy reading the Christmas story

 Reagan's gift from her sisters.  She got a lot of toys but when placed in the middle of them, she goes for the one thing in the room that is not hers.

 Daddy reading a story to Kate

 Reagan got what she wanted for Christmas: her two front (bottom) teeth!
 We spent lunch and the afternoon at the Schaefer house.  It was extremely crazy with 3 preschoolers and a baby opening gifts and trying to teach them to wait their turn!

 We hosted the Lantz side for dinner at our house.  George fried up some delicious chicken sandwiches.  And round #2 of craziness took place. 

On Monday, we went out to the park in Lakeland again.  My grandmother and her friend were leaving on Tuesday so we wanted to spend some time with them.  It was much cooler than forecasted but we made the best of it anyway.

Now that all the Christmas decorations are taken down, I'm hoping to get back to some normalcy.  These past several months have just been SO busy for us.  I'm going to do my best to get us back on a not so hectic schedule so that we can hang out with some of the people we haven't seen in a while. 

Happy New Year!!

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