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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lazy Day

 On the last day of our vacation, we went to the hotel's playground.  Hannah and Kate had tons of fun playing in the sand making washing machines.  I'm not sure where they got that idea from, but they were just making mounds of sand and calling them washing machines.  "Hey, kid, whatever keeps you happy!"  We decided to head back on Thursday night.  Check out was on Friday morning, but we decided that sleeping in our own beds and having a full day at home sounded more appealing.  That was kinda the nice thing about being so close to home, you can leave whenever you want. 

This was our first family vacation just with our immediate family.  All of the other ones we have been on have been with grandparents, etc.  It was fun, but George and I discussed how it is much different being on the planning-parent side of the vacation vs. the kid/teen side of just going with the flow of everything.  We truly enjoyed seeing Hannah and Kate have so much fun, but the rest that we were anticipating was not quite what we hoped for.  Such is full steam ahead towards Christmas!!!!

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