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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our God is Greater - Chris Tomlin

A quick break from trip posts...

It has been awhile since George and I were actually able to attend our church service. We've been to church and bible fellowship, but have probably missed at least the last month of worship service because we've either been traveling or volunteering in the church's preschool ministry. It was such a blessing to go this past week. Between the music and preaching, it was great. I shouldn't need a reminder of how BIG our God is. I have 2 daily reminders (if we're being realistic-minute to minute reminders) of the power that God has. I think I've gotten so used to Hannah and Kate being very normal toddlers that I forget how much it has taken to get to this point. Every now and then though, God throws it in my face (and I mean that in a completely good way) of the miracles He has worked in our lives. Salvation being the most important one, but two beautiful healthy little girls being the second best. This was the song that God used to remind me and I thought it would be a beautiful start (or whenever you chose to listen to it) to your day! Enjoy and be blessed!

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