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Friday, May 21, 2010

Trip Post III-Grant's Farm

On Wednesday, we woke up to rain but decided to wait it out and by mid-morning the rain was over. We headed down the street to Grant's Farm. It's owned by the Busch family and was something that I enjoyed going to as a kid. This is the first time I've been there that it wasn't crowded so it was really nice to be able to let the girls walk around (supervised, of course) and not have to wait in lines.

Hannah and Grandma on the tram ride
Ulysses S. Grant's home (or one of them I suppose)

Kate & Mommy on the tram ride

Bald Eagle (obviously)

Hannah & Mommy waiting for the elephant show. You would've thought that a 2 ton animal would've been a bit more entertaining to a 20 month, old but apparently not.

Alpaca or Llama (don't remember)

Pretty Birds

This bird was running around on the ground. It intrigued the girls, but I wouldn't let them get too close.


Famous Busch clydesdale

not sure if this is the wagon in the commercials
Walking through the horse stables

Mommy helping Hannah feed the goats. I wish I had audio of this. Hannah LOVED it! She had a full out deep in the belly laugh everytime the goat would drink from the bottle. It was so funny. You can actually go in the fence and feed the goats, but even as a little child I was scared of them. They would nibble on your shoelaces and clothing. The girls are too little for that and to this day, I would prefer to be on the outside of the fence.

Kate watching Mommy feed the goats her bottle. Kate didn't want to hold the bottle herself. She was okay with standing with me while I did it though. She definitely would not have done well had we gone inside the fence. Just like her mama!

More clydesdale pictures

We happened to be around the stables at just the right time because one of the trainers was moving the clydesdale. He was nice enough to stop and let us take pictures.

After Grant's farm, we headed home for a nap. Then, we spent the rest of the evening with the Schaefer side of the family. We even got to see some of my great aunts and great uncles and some cousins. And, of course, more Cecil Whitaker's pizza. Stay tuned for more...

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