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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trip Post-Lions & Tigers & Bears..Oh My!

I am going to have to break our vacation up into several posts because I have A LOT of pictures.
Day 1-We hung out with family, ate Cecil Whitaker's Pizza (to die for), and also ate Spanky's frozen custard. Our trip involved several goals that revolved around food.

Day 2-Mother's Day! We had a big family get together for the Schaefer side & Thoenes side to celebrate all of the moms. The men all cooked and it was a delicious dinner. Before I left, Hannah and Kate gave me a beautiful piece of artwork created by them with help from their Nanny & Grampie Lantz. I also got a card from George. However, I am still waiting on the rest of my gift so the next time you see George give him an elbow nudge & tell him I'm still waiting.
Day 3-We spent the day with my mom's Dad & wife. We had lunch and just some time talking. That was a rainy day.
Day 4-It was a good weather forecast so we headed out to the St. Louis Zoo. It was FREE! We spent about 5 hours out there and then headed to Ted Drewes for some more frozen custard. I think Kate ate about 1/3 of my ice cream. I took a lot of pictures of animals because the girls are really into animals right now. I plan on making actual prints of all of the animals and then putting together an animal photo album for them.
I love this picture because I caught Hannah's hair just as the wind blew

Grizzly Bears-we actually got to see them up and active. They even started a small fight for us.

Grizzly Bear

Grandma Schaefer, Dad, Kate, Rachel, Sarah, Hannah, Lauren, Grandma Thoenes


Dad, Grandma Schaefer, Me & the girls, Sarah & Rachel, Grandma Thoenes & Hank

Grandpa & Hannah-our little independent free spirited child (wonder who she gets that from?)

Grandma & Kate???


some type of gator


Snake-took this one just for George



Don't remember what this is

Kate-she may look sleepy here but she stayed awake for the entire 5 hours



Lion-isn't this an awesome picture. He was really far away, but my camera zooms really well.


3 Little Monkeys

We got very lucky because a lot of the monkeys were hanging out right by the glass

Sea Lion

Kate watching the sea lion

And our day wasn't be continued!

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