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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Under the Weather

We have two little sicklings in our home this week, hoping not to make it 2 little and 2 big. Hannah came down with a fever on Saturday and it continued on into Monday morning. They are both congested and mouth breathing. Hannah has this funny, stinky smell. It's a "sick" toddler smell. I took her to the doctor yesterday and she confirmed that she has a red, pussy throat. However, her strep test came back negative. So for now, we are treating this nasty virus with tylenol, motrin, and lots of TLC. I know they really aren't feeling well because they are not eating well, drinking less than normal, but most importantly, Hannah woke us up about 4 or 5 times last night. I can't even remember the last time either of them has done that.

The doctor actually said that she was more concerned with Hannah's breathing. Her oxygen levels were fine, but she put her on a preventative asthma/allergy medicine, Singulair. I've been so busy couponing (savings lots of $$$$$) and catching up with vacation blogging that I forgot to report on her trip to the allergist. He just did a basic checkup and ordered a skin test and sinus x-ray. So until we do those, he won't be able to tell us much more.

Our mortgage papers have FINALLY went to underwriting. Can we say this is taking way too long? Apparently, our seller thinks so, too. We've run into some snags with her this week. Our contract runs out at the end of this month and she's asking for some compensation for it taking so long since she's vacated the house already. Without giving you all of the details, some of which have become rather nasty, please just pray that our paperwork will FLY through underwriting this week and we will get approval by Friday. I'll keep you updated.

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