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Friday, May 21, 2010

Trip Post IV-CHEESE!!!

Thursday must have not been a very exciting day because I really don't remember what we did. I know that we thought it was going to rain all day so we played it low key, especially since we wanted the girls to have one day of normal napping. It ended up not raining so my Dad and sister went over and helped my grandparents do some yard work. We mostly hung out around the house. Dad, Sarah, and I decided we had to do something at night after the girls were in bed so we wandered around Old Navy, the mall, and Target (where I found cute sleeveless shirts for $5 each). Sarah had just paid $8 each at home for the same shirts so with both of us being so thrifty now, I rubbed it in her face several times that I got them for $6 cheaper. (That's the last time, Sarah...promise!)

Here are some random shots of things throughout the week. Kate learned to say cheese on the trip and will actually smile for the camera now. Before I always got blank stares, but now she hams it up.

Stairs (or at least multiple stairs in a row) were a new thing to these girls. Don't you wish Florida houses could have basements and double the size of your house? Anyway, we (everyone on the trip under the age of 30) slept in the basement so the girls loved getting to crawl up the stairs every morning. It was cute!

Hannah-they also have a love of climbing into chairs, which I realized was a bad habit that I am currently trying to break
Hannah-all 3 girls learned how to do the Jack in the Box. Therefore, all 3 fought over it. We were all very impressed that they were able to do it by themselves.

Actually, it was a Curious George in the Box.

Rachel brushing her teeth

Kate brushing her teeth

Hannah brushing her teeth

Hannah chilling in her PJs


Kate saying "Cheese!"

Hannah using her big girl booster seat and eating off of a! Once we get into our new house, I plan on trying out utensils and plates. I just have to dig them out of a box.

Hammy Hannah


Mmmmm...taste good, Rachel?

Lauren in charge of all 3 girls. We were sitting on the couch watching a Baby Einstein.

Little Dreamsicle Rachel

Grandma & Hannah

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