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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Babies Update

It's been a while since I posted pictures so there are a lot, but I know you'll enjoy them. Before we get to the pictures, here's an update on what has been brewing in the Lantz household lately.

We are finally starting to get over this cold thing. George still has a pretty bad cough, but I'm feeling much better and the girls do not sound as congested. I really think their Synagis shot which they got for RSV every month, lessened the effects of their cold. I know they say not to panic over the new swine flu, but it makes me not want to take them out in public since hearing about the 23 month old that just died. Yes, I know we can not all live in our houses until this passes, and, No, I am not going to hole up. Anyway...back to good stuff.

Hannah is just as sweet and happy as she always is. Other than her once daily ritual of throwing up all of her bottle and solids all over me, she has finally gotten this solid food thing down the last couple of weeks. She opens her mouth now instead of having to force the spoon in her mouth. She definitely loves her fruit, too. It's usually the vegetables (like the peas from last night), which get rejected and ejected. Hannah can sit up but would rather be rolling around on the floor. She needs a little support still. She also loves to smile at her sister.

I finally broke out both high chairs this morning. We have 2 exersaucers, 2 high chairs, 2 swings, 2 bumbo seats, 1 bouncy seat, 1 activity mat, and a basket of toys all within the confines of our family room/dining room. And George so observantly says to me, "I think we need a bigger house."
"Maybe if I take her toy real slowly, she won't notice."

Grandpa's Little Princesses love their toes!
Kate even loves Hannah's toes and leg!
All aboard the Hannah and Kate train!
Choo Choo!

Kate is growing, growing, growing. Did I mention that she is also growing a tooth?! I discovered it yesterday when I thought I saw something in her mouth. She wouldn't let me look so I stuck a very clean finger in there and sure enough felt a tooth. It's her bottom left tooth. Doesn't she look so sweet sporting a teething ring? She actually has been taking it quite well, or I've just attributed her fussiness to her being a little sick. The last time I weighed her a couple of weeks ago she was about 16 lbs. (Hannah was about 13.2 lbs.) She sits quite well on her own. She's still wobbly and needs a pillow just in case she falls, but she can support herself. I'm hoping that now we are in the sitting up stage, the spitting up stage will start to lessen.

This is what happens when Mommy jumps in the shower and leaves them under Daddy's watchful eye. He lets poor Kate fall asleep on the floor with a dirty blanket.

Look at me sit like a big girl!

We both are really noticing Bella more. Sometime we even get a hold of her and pull on her skin, but she doesn't seem to mind too much.

Hannah's Bathtime
Kate's Bathtime


  1. May I got on the train?

  2. Lauren and George, Hannah and Kate are growing so fast. We are enjoying your blog. And it is fun to watch them grow and interact with each other!
    We look forward to seeing you all soon.
    Toby and Mike and Laurel