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Monday, April 6, 2009

Rachel Elizabeth Rhine

Rachel Elizabeth Rhine was born at 6:16 pm. on April 6, 2009. She weighs 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Sarah had been having contractions all night long, but didn't really realize that's what was happening. When she finally started timing them this morning, the doctor told her to come in to the doctor's office. They checked her there and she was already 7 centimeters. They rushed to the hospital, as did the rest of us because we thought with the way she was progressing, the baby would be here in no time. While after going through a couple of hours without any pain medication (I wanted to cry with her through the contractions), she was able to get an epidural. She hung out at 8 centimeters for awhile and finally made it to 10 cm around 5:00 p.m. She started pushing and out popped little Rachel at 6:16. When Matt came down to tell us what the baby was, he held up a pink bedpan (I think it was some kind of inside joke with one of his friends, Josiah). We were all convinced it was going to be a boy, but we were wrong!

Rachel is beautiful. She has a full head of dark hair, more than Hannah and Kate have right now. Hannah and Kate will have fun playing beauty shop with her full head of hair. Matt did amazingly well through the birth and was even able to cut the umbilical cord. He was freaking out a little during the whole labor because he wasn't really sure what to do, but he did a great job and he's a proud new papa. Sarah is working on breastfeeding and Rachel seemed to be doing well at it earlier. Sarah is feeling really good. When I was in the room with her the nurse asked about her pain level and she said that she had none. Pretty good for just giving birth, huh?

Praise God for a smooth and healthy delivery and a healthy baby girl. Pray for Matt, Sarah, and Rachel as they start their new life together. Pray for sleep and patience with each other.

Here are the pictures that I have. I'll post more when I can get them from Matt and Sarah. The first 3 are when she was breastfeeding so I apologize that you can't see Rachel very much.

Rachel getting her vitals taken

Aunt Lauren & Rachel (woohoo)

Uncle George & Rachel
Hannah and Kate accompanied me to the hospital for part of the day. They got to visit the NICU nurses and doctors and they were just thrilled to see them. One of the doctors walked through the lobby where we were waiting and recognized us. Then, later one of the maintenance workers was in the cafeteria while we were eating and she smiled more than just a casual smile at us. The security guards remembered us. That's kinda bad when you've been away from the hospital for 5 months and they still remember you that well. Even the people who cleaned the NICU remembered us. They were very good and went with the flow the entire day. They must have thought their mommy was crazy as I was running around the house half-clothed trying to get a diaper bag for them thrown together and take a quick shower and throw Bella in the kitchen. What a ride...


  1. Great post Lauren! It gave me the chance to experience some of today's excitement from the distance.
    Love, Toby

  2. That is so wonderful. SARAH AND matt you will be wonderful parents God is watching over. It will be so nice that my babie girls will have a cousin to grow up with. Love you all Hannah and Kates nanna ev xo

  3. I just saw on Facebook that Matt had wrote that they had a girl. I couldn't click over to your blog fast enough lol! So exciting. Thanks for the great update. Tell them Randy and I said Congrats!! She is sooo cute!!