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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 2, 2009

7 Months

My baby girls are 7 months old already. I can't believe that in just 5 months, I'll have to be thinking about planning a first year birthday party. CRAZY!!! I was listening to a song on the way home from meeting with another twins mom that I met through the twins website I belong to. It brought tears to my eyes because sometimes I think I forget the hard journey we've been on to get this far because they are so healthy and normal. Praise God though because He is the only reason that we have gotten this far and are so healthy. Yes, modern medicine is wonderful, but didn't God create the people who invented modern medicine? So no matter which way you look at was HIM!!! What a blessed life I live. I love being a stay at home mom. I love my husband. I love my girls. I love my dog (sometimes). I just love where God has me/us in life right now. Is it perfect? NO, but my God is with me. much to tell and so little time. Hannah and Kate were 7 months old yesterday. We celebrated by learning to make baby food. I went over to my friend's, Sam, house and she taught me how to make it. Her youngest son was actually born 2 weeks after Hannah and Kate so once Hannah and Kate catch up, they'll be good little buddies. I do not enjoy cooking that much so I really was not fond of the whole learning to make baby food even though it would save us money. I was really surprised at how easy the whole process was and even felt quite accomplished after we were done. Needless to say, Hannah and Kate better like green beans and peas because they will be eating them for a while. I also made pears and will soon be making avocadoes and squash. So far, they have tried squash, bananas, and applesauce. Kate, of course, likes it all and Hannah at least opened up for the applesauce.

I feel like my little babies are growing so quickly because they are so aware of things around them. It's funny to watch their little expressions as they are studying something. So precious! If you can't already tell, I am loving this stage. Kate's new feat is grabbing her toes. She sticks her legs straight up in the air and grabs onto her toes. I think she's practicing to be a future gymnast or cheerleader. I usually go into their rooms to check on them while they are napping and this week Kate has been in there wide awake, holding on to her toes for dear life. I have to walk out silently laughing because it just cracks me up. Hannah has been more vocal lately and has even come up with this little cough that makes it sound like she's about to throw up or choke. She loves it because it sends me running to check on her. Crazy, crazy girls!

George and I are doing well. I'm busy as always. I have been hanging out with Sarah (my sister) more because she has finally stopped working and is preparing to welcome little baby Rhine into the world. I'm so excited to be an aunt! George is venturing into growing blueberries in our backyard. He bought about 125 blueberry plants and for right now they are sitting unplanted in our yard. He's rather excited about this new adventure. He is also working a lot right now, usually 4 12 hour days and then a day devoted to the lawn care business. We've also had a lot of family in from out of town lately. Kate touching her toes

Kate eating squash for the 1st time
Family Picture
Mama's girls
Hannah and Kate
Hannah and Kate
Hannah and Kate

Great-Grandpa Schaefer & Hannah-she got a kick out of him
Aunt Amy & Hannah
Mommy & Hannah
Hannah's first time eating squash
Kate kissing (well, we'll call it that) Hannah

Tell me more, sissy

Eating squash at Grandma and Grandpa's house



  1. Great family pics! And the girls just keep getting cuter and cuter! I know you are having so much fun with them. :)

  2. I love the pics!! They look so sweet and happy. Every time I look at the ones with both girls, I just think it's so awesome that they will have each other in life. They are looking so much alike I can't tell who is who anymore!
    Tell Sarah we are praying for them as they get ready for the baby. Can't wait to here if it's a boy or a girl :)!!!

  3. I love the latest header!! They look so much bigger!!