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Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Mess with Mama Bear

I'm going to warn you that I am about to get a on a quick rant. I usually take Hannah, Kate, and Bella on a walk at least once a day. Our walks are very enjoyable. However, this morning, I had a chow and a german shepherd come charging at me with no owner in sight. I scooped Bella up because I figured that is who they would go after first and I yelled at the top of my lungs, "HEY" to get anyone's attention to come help. Well, a couple of seconds after they are around me, a mid-elderly woman rounds the corner in her nightgown and yells at them to come. Fortunately, they did not hurt us. The chow sniffed Kate's feet, but I was still ticked off. I turned around and yelled, "Thanks a lot." at the woman and we continued on our walk. That was the first of 3 incidents with dogs on our walk this morning. The other two incidents were with small dogs and were too scared to go too close. My issue with dogs not being on leashes is the fact that maybe you know your dog to be nice and gentle, but how in the world was I going to defend myself with two babies and a dog against two big dogs (breeds that are known to be aggressive). Keep your dog on a leash people (yes, I know that means that I am speaking to some people that I love dearly). It's really for the protection of your dog as much as it is for the person that is walking. My "animalistic" instinct to protect my babies (all 3 of them) at all costs was in full alert so had they dogs even showed the slightest hint of opening their mouths, I would have been all over kicking and screaming and possibly with my hands around a neck or two. Don't mess with a mama and her babies. What angers me even more about the situations was that not one owner bothered to apologize. HELLO...what happened to common courtesy and respect. Okay...I'm done. Enjoy the pictures and video!
Kate "holding" her bottle-they can both hold their bottle, just not up
Hannah-she grabbed her toes for the first time on Wednesday
Hannah-trying out the jumparoo

Hannah-right before I took this picture she had fallen asleep in the Exersaucer...she woke up when I turned my camera on to get a picture

Daddy's girls
Hannah trying to eat Kate's toes-Kate loves her toes and finally got them in her mouth on Wednesday...look at those rolls on the backside of her legs...she's the cutest chunky baby ever

Hannah & Kate-getting ready for bed
Getting ready for bed-that time is so precious to me

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Kate's giggles-if this video doesn't make you laugh...


  1. Is it Kate?
    Gina Akos

  2. i think it is Hannah...Kyle Treesh

  3. Shelby thinks it's Hannah.