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Thursday, December 3, 2009

15 Months

Part of me feels like I'm raising toddlers now and the other part still sees them as my babies. Kate is now walking everywhere now. Hannah is doing some more walking, but still has yet to take off. We had our 15 month old well baby checkup yesterday. Oh my goodness...those babies wore me out. Krista was there to help me and that was so awesome. They wanted to get down and play with the crinkly table paper. I walked away so exhausted from constantly trying to keep them in my arms. Hannah weighed 17 lbs. and Kate weighed 21 lbs. Both good weights and both growing. Hannah was 28 1/4 inches tall and Kate was 28 3/4 in. tall. They have the same size head. I thought that was ironic. Everything else checked out great!

Don't know if you can see the green smudge on her forearm, but they both got stamps from the doctor for being so good!

Kate has definitely entered her toddler stage. In addition to the walking, she says , "Uh-oh" and just said "Mommy" for the first time today. I'm not sure if she understands that I'm Mommy, but I think so. She wasn't calling me mommy. I'll take it though. She is also perfecting her tantrum throwing. However, George and I are combatting that with a simple time out in the crib until she is sweet again (something we learned from Growing Kids God's Way). She is possessive and knows what she wants. She is also just as sweet. She showed me more in sign language today after I told her to show me more. And I think that she gets the concept of all done.

Hannah is on her own time schedule. The pediatrician was a tad concerned that she didn't have her first word yet, but then I think she remembered that she was evaluating them on their real age and not their adjusted age. I guess it just gave me some motivation to work with her a little bit more. I'm not concerned. Hannah loves to clap! I try to get her to do more in sign language, but it's similar to clapping so she thinks I'm trying to get her to clap. In due time. What else can I say about Hannah? She loves to cuddle up to us with her pacifier and blanket. I did mention a pacifier. I originally thought that I would be getting rid of those at around 12 months, but I changed my mind. They only get them at naptime and bedtime. We'll see.

We still go to story time at the library every week. There is a duck song that we learned there and when I sing it to the girls at home, they clap along with the quack, quack, quacks. It's cute because that's how the song goes. It's amazing how they pick things up.

I put the Christmas decorations up minus the tree. The tree goes up this weekend. Most everything is out of their reach, except for the stockings. They are hanging off a ledge/bar. When they pull on them the stocking hanger comes down with it and those things are heavy. So I took the stockings down for now and I haven't decided what to do with them yet. They are just in to everything at this age and it's difficult to teach them not to touch the new, pretty, shiny, glittery things. They are toddlers. Touching is what they do. It's off to see Santa at the mall tomorrow. Pray that we can get some good pictures!
Here are my little elves "helping" me put up Christmas decorations the other day.

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