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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Quest for the Ball

Kate is literally walking all over the house. It's so different to see her toddle around the house instead of crawling. Hannah is starting to walk a lot more, also. She took about 10 steps today! Yeah, Hannah! The following pictures are Hannah's new way to watch her Baby Einstein DVD, within the protection of the laundry basket. I love her!

What delight!

This is a video of one of Kate's new skills. If you tell her to go find a ball, she will. This girl knows what a ball is. She will bring any size ball to you. Hannah can do the same, but is more hesitant, probably because she has to crawl to get there. Anyway, if you watch it all the way to the end you will also see Kate stand up by herself, another new skill! This child has done so many new things this week. It's amazing! I also have to mention that she signs more and all done. She doesn't quite get the meaning of them yet, but at least she does it. Hannah still thinks that more is clapping.

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  1. So neat! That's awesome Hannah is walking now!