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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Lane in Dover

There apparently has been a long-standing tradition in Dover, FL of which I knew nothing about until last night. It's called Christmas at Dover Lane. This family owns a lot of farm land. The son purchased used Christmas decorations from the malls after Christmas and it has turned into the quaint little Christmas celebration that it is. George's parents invited us out to it last night. We had a nice family time with the girls. It was cold (at least to us folks in FL). However, I would still classify 40's and 50's as cold. So we bundled the girls up in their coats and $1 Target hats and they were just the cutest little kids out there. Here are the pictures:

Ben & Krista-George's parents
Our Lantz family

Hannah looking at Kate & thinking "Isn't this the best thing ever?"

Kate was enamored with this decoration. She kept pointing to it.

Kate & Grandma Schaefer

Kate & Daddy

Kate & Aunt Sarah

Kate & Mommy watching the twirling reindeer

Kate & Mommy

Hannah & Daddy
Hannah & Nanny Lantz
George and I both agreed that it would be a fun little family tradition to start at Christmas time, especially since it's FREE!!!


  1. i LOVE LOVE the picture of you guys in the bench! you look really great and i love the matching hats and shoes! i have to laugh though because i totally understand how a mom thinks four of the same picture are completely different :). i try to remember that before deleting pictures we take of families! they're adorable! and seriously Lauren - you're hair has looked extra awesome since you've had these girls!

  2. I just now actually read the post....and I had no idea it was in Dover!! haha, I assumed you traveled somewhere up north to visit family since you guys were bundled up and I didn't recognize everything! lol Thanks for sharing about it!! Looks awesome!