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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Wow, what a great Christmas season this has been! We had a whirlwind of celebrating Jesus's birthday that started on Christmas Eve. We attended our church's service with Hannah & Kate and they successfully made it the whole hour! Then we headed over to George's parents' house where we go every year. We eat chinese food and just spend time with all of his extended family & friends.

Opening up pajamas from the Lantz family-it's a tradition to get new pajamas on Christmas Eve
opening Aunt Erin's gifts

The girls with Aunt Amy

Kate & Aunt Erin
Kate & (soon to be) Uncle Dru
Rachel-how cute is she

Rachel & Sarah (her mommy)

Hannah & Grandma Schaefer

Hannah on her horse-so I have to pause here for a moment to explain the horse. Hannah loves this horse. George's parents got it for the girls at Thanksgiving. However, Kate is terrified of the horse. If we even get near it with her, she freaks out. She has gotten better over the last month, but she hates it, which of course, only antagonizes her Daddy to terrorize her with it.

Hannah & Rachel riding the horse
Mommy & Hannah (just a quick explanation of their shoes-I would never put my children in brown shoes with a black shirt, however, the black shoes that they normally wear with this outfit are not as easy to walk in and Kate has already outgrown hers)

We did a short little present unwrapping and breakfast at our house. We woke up at 7, our normal waking time, and hopped to it!
Daddy waking Kate up

Hannah waking their new pajamas

Daddy reading the Christmas story

Opening their stockings-they got board books

Their one and only wrapped present from us-a Little People house. Their other presents were clothing and they've been wearing those since I bought them.

Then, we were over at the Lantz's home by 8:30. Ben always makes wonderful breakfast sandwiches. We opened up presents and hung out for awhile while the girls napped.
Another present that Hannah absolutely loves and Kate is very wary of. She must not like toys that are bigger than she is. You can tell by the way she is holding onto Krista that she's unsure about this new car. They have definitely added some great upgrades to these cars since I've seen them in the last few years. One of them is a removable floorboard so their feet don't hang down and get drug under the car, which makes it so much easier to push them. The other is a lock on the door handle. Hannah has already solved that obstacle. She just climbs out the window.

By noon, we were over at the Schaefer's house and begun opening presents quickly. Rachel was ready for a nap and the girls were ready to eat lunch. Present unwrapping went quickly this year as Hannah and Kate's attention spans were short.
Kate with a Little People-we have Little People at our house out the wazoo
Matt, Sarah, & Rachel (her 1st Christmas)

Kate sitting on one of Rachel's presents

Daddy terrorizing Kate with the car

Kate riding the car the only way she will...on top
We were so incredibly blessed by all of our gifts! The girls got multiple Little People sets, a very talkative Elmo (which they love), adorable clothes, a toy laptop, books, and many other toys. I think they are on toy overload right now. George and I also went to see Avatar 3D last night by ourselves. It was a spur of the moment decision. It was good and the effects were definitely neat. Hope that your Christmas was as sweet and wonderful as ours! Thank you, Jesus, for the best gift that you could've ever given us...a Savior.

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  1. wow - lots of updates! Link got the same car! (not in pink though! orginal colors...). He absolutely loves it!! He woke up from his nap today and started asking for the car. Just a warning - it can tip over pretty easily. That's so funny Kate is scared of the horse and the car. I wonder what she's thinking. And that's funny you explained about the brown shoes and black clothes :)! lol.