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Monday, April 19, 2010

Busch Gardens

George woke up with an itch to do something fun with the girls over the weekend. He is and has always been the more adventerous & spontaneous one out of the both of us. His ideas are always bigger than mine. He threw out Busch Gardens and I have to admit that I wasn't gung ho about it at first. But sometimes George makes the valid point that I am unwilling to just get up and go with the flow. I have to calmly remind him that it's not so easy to get up and go with twins, but the girls are a little older now and don't require as much preparation to go somewhere. I let go of my need to plan things and decided that Busch Gardens would be a great idea.

Hannah in her new bathing suit
After waiting for almost an hour just to buy tickets, we finally made it into the park. We were buying an annual pass for me and just a fun card for George so we had to buy them through the main ticket office. I still think that waiting close to an hour to just get tickets is ridiculous with a capital "R". We headed over to the new kids area. It is Sesame Street safari land. We got to ride the Snuffleupagus (yes, I did have to look up the correct spelling) ride. It is similar to the Dumbo ride at Disney. I rode with Hannah and George rode with Kate. That was the only ride we rode because the girls didn't like being held in the lines. Hannah would run away if we let her. That and the fact that it was their naptime didn't help. There are a couple of other rides that they can go on, but I would have to take them with me. The other rides they aren't ready for because I don't trust that they wouldn't try to climb out.
So we tried out the little water area. However, they have diaper police and apparently the girls were supposed to have on swim diapers. The lady politely informed us that they had them for sale in the gift shop. "Of course you have them for sale in the gift shop, but I'm not paying out the butt for a swim diaper." So we left that little area and did some other stuff in the kids area. Then, we headed for the train. Once again, a great idea in theory, but Hannah is SO squirmy and didn't like having to sit. After that we were ready to go. It's nice that we can go for 4-5 hours and then leave and feel like we haven't wasted our money.
Daddy & the girls waiting in the snuffleupagus line

Daddy & Hannah in the canopy crawl. As a side note, I am and always have been deathly afraid of these nets that you walk across. As a little girl I had the fear that my foot would fall through the rope. I was forced to conquer my fear because Hannah wanted to follow Daddy & Kate. The particular place she wanted to follow them was like a bridge and went over walking areas. I sucked it up and went across just for my baby girl. I didn't much appreciate the younger kids who would run across causing the narrow walking area to sway.

Mommy & Hannah on the train



Another picture on the train
We had a great family day full of fun! Sarah also has a pass and so do some other friends so I'm looking forward to being able to go during the week with much lighter crowds and to just be able to get out and have some fun!
On another note, I took Hannah back to the doctor today because her breathing was fast and she was still wheezing. I likened her to a 80 year old smoker with emphyzema. The doctor increased the amount of times we do breathing treatments and also put her on two different inhalant steroids and an oral steriod. Her appointment with the allergist doctor isn't until the middle of May so I'm hoping that we can get her breathing under control before then.

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  1. Awesome pics, so glad you had a great family day! See you soon!