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Monday, April 5, 2010

He is Risen!

In preparation for Easter, I was given the responsibility of cleaning the house. Once you have children, you understand how difficult this can be to get done. It's nearly impossible at this age. Luckily my mom has 3 dusters so I was able to give one to each of the girls and still use one. Here is my little helper Hannah. She loved it!

What an awesome holiday to celebrate! How could you attend a church service, hear the hope of the resurrection, and not be a believer? I helped out at our early service watching preschoolers and then met up with George, the girls, and my parents for the service. George did a great job getting them ready almost all by himself. I promised myself I would get family pictures this year since we missed out on that last year. These were taken right outside our church.

Daddy, Kate, Hannah, Mommy
We enjoyed a Lantz family lunch at George's cousin's house. We stayed there for about an hour and a half before we headed home for the girls' (and mine) nap. His cousin has 3 acres and they loved running around in the open grass. They even got a hint of sunburn. Then, we enjoyed a nice dinner with my side of the family. George's parents and Erin and Dru came over to watch the girls "hunt" eggs. Here are the pictures of that:


Hannah stealing eggs from Rachel's basket
Nanny helping Hannah stuff eggs down her shirt

Good job, Rachel!
Kate hoarding her eggs in her car

Hannah showing off her new toy
This is a video of George blowing bubbles at the girls. Kate knows how to say bubbles now and you can hear her saying it a couple of times during the video! Too cute!

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