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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you, Daddy!

Or at least that is what the pediatrician said we should tell George after Hannah's appointment today. I took her in because she has never fully recovered from her infection a couple of weeks ago. The infection is completely gone, but her wheezing has stuck around. My mommy instincts told me to quit ignoring it and take her in. I'm glad I did. She has asthma and allergies. Both of these are wonderful gifts from their father. I have never been bothered at all with allergies until just these past couple of months. I asked the doctor if she might be more susceptible due to her prematurity, but she said if it's just now showing up then most likely not. So she put her on a different nebulizer, told us to stay on Zyrtec (OTC allergy medicine) until June, and referred us to an asthma and allergy specialist. I'm not looking forward to having to go to another doctor, but I have been worried about her wheezing so I am glad that we finally have an answer.

Kate, on the other hand, seems to not have any breathing problems at all. We'll have to keep an eye on her also, but so far so good.

I know it seems that I've been posting a lot lately and I have been. It's not that I have any extra time on my hands because really we've been incredibly busy this week. Tomorrow is the only day that I do not have any plans. We (me, my mom, and the girls) had the amazing blessing of taking a meal to a family with a NICU baby. We originally delivered them a gift bag back in March and it turns out that they knew a couple in our bible fellowship class. We've been able to arrange some meals for them for the rest of April. Baby Simon is doing better and got to graduate into a big boy bed (bassinet) just yesterday. I remember that feeling of pure excitement at seeing the girls finally in an open bed. I was so excited to finally meet this precious couple. As we were walking out of the hospital, I had to fight the tears off because I was simply remembering our time there and how grateful I am that we have two healthy girls, but also because I am simply amazed that God is using us. AMAZING! We also have an amazing bible fellowship class that has agreed to bring meals to a couple that none of them have ever met. They do it out of love for us and to be the face of Christ. I love that they are so willing to sacrifice simply because they know it means so much to us. Love them!

Here are some pictures of the girls playing outside. Every time I tell the dogs that they need to go outside and go potty, I not only have two dogs running to meet me at the door, but also two little girls. This is probably not helping Hannah's asthma any, but I can't keep them locked up all day.

Hannah hugging her baby

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