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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Making Lemonade out of Lemons

We had a wonderful time at the March of Dimes walk this morning! We started at just after 8:00 and finished by 9:10. Then, we rushed home to take Hannah to the doctor. She started having green snot last Wednesday. The poor little girl has yet another infection. However, I was telling George this morning that this little girl almost always has a smile on her face. She makes lemonade out of lemons and never seems to let her sickness bother her. I love her!

I asked why she keeps getting them and the doctor likened her allergies to sitting water attracting mosquitoes. If the water gets swept away or dries up, it's not going to attract mosquitoes, but if it just sits there for days, you'll have a swarm of them. Since Hannah is too young to blow her nose, but too old for the bulb syringe, she has all of the junk that her allergies creates just sitting in her nasal passages. Therefore, she gets an infection. She said that this really won't stop until we get her into see the allergist, which isn't going to happen until May 17th. So she is on another round of antibiotics and still doing breathing treatments 4 times a day. Imagine asking a toddler to sit for about an hour and a half everyday. She still has quite a bit of wheezing, but hopefully once her infection clears up the wheezing will also clear up.

I have also never had a problem with allergies until this year. I actually was up for most of the night last night with such horrible gum pain because of sinus pressure. So that made getting up for the walk at 5:50 so pleasant. However, the girls are sleeping so all is quiet and I am headed off to bed, too. I will post pictures of the walk either later today or tomorrow!

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