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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mama & Her Toys

Praise God for tax refunds! I have been having severe wrist pain in both wrists due to the horrible turning abilities of my tandem double stroller. I was basically having to manuveur 65+ lbs. on my own when I wanted to turn. I decided that I was getting a new stroller with our tax money! I wasn't willing to waste my wrists anymore. I researched quite a bit on the internet and asked some other twin moms which ones they liked. I wanted something that was side-by-side, could turn easily, and had good sun shade. George and I visited a couple of stores. I was going to get a full-blown jogging stroller, but those things are heavy. I also tried out a more compact side-by-side, but I still wasn't convinced. We visited another store and they had A LOT of strollers to actually try out. We put the girls in this one and fell in love. The only thing that wasn't so lovely was the price. I admit it. I paid $400 for just the stroller. I thought I had a 20% off coupon but turns out the brand of stroller that I got was excluded from the coupon. Gotta love that. Add together the accessories and we walked out with one expensive stroller. However, I am 99% satisfied with our purchase. It turns beautifully, folds easy, and I know that it will be great on our trip to St. Louis. I would definitely recommend this. It's the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. Here are some pictures of my new toy...I mean the girls new stroller!


  1. I love new toys! Noone but a mom understands the beauty of a nice stroller. After 3 kids I am convinced it's worth a few extra bucks!