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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On a Treasure Hunt

This past weekend, we (George and I) met up with some friends to go to a huge community garage sale. The same one I go to every 6 months. I was a little nervous this time because last time I was incredibly disappointed with my takeaways. Not so this time! I had several things in mind that I wanted and I got almost all of them! The girls L-O-V-E what we (rather they) got.

Frog Sandbox

Kickboard for our new pool (house update at bottom)

Playhouse-$75 It was in almost perfect condition


Matching potty seats (nowhere near needing them yet)


Her hair is getting to the point of needing to pull it back. I'm just not ready to battle her pulling it out.
Hannah attempting to sit on a tiny chair on my parent's lanai. Funny thing is there is already a frog sitting in it, but she insisted on trying.

Sitting in the rocking chairs while the pest control man sprayed the house

The story behind the doll strollers. I've been thinking that they are ready for them because they love pushing around my mom's double stroller. They try to manuveur it around the house. I figured a much smaller stroller would be easier. I bought two baby dolls and a (ONE) stroller at the garage sale. I wasn't planning on letting them play with it yet but Kate was in my room and she noticed it. She immediately loved it so I thought I'd let her push it around the house. Great idea until Hannah saw it. World War III at our house. So we had to put it away until I could buy another one. I got one yesterday at Toys R Us for $9. Well worth the extra money. I knew from the beginning that this was just not going to be one of those toys that they would share and I was not going to fight that battle. My mom and I actually let them take their babies for a walk around her cul-de-sac last night. It was the cutest thing. Two little girls taking their babies for a walk. I'll have to get video and pictures next time. I was too busy trying to keep them on the sidewalk and off the road last night. Here are some pictures of them pushing them around the house though.
Hannah & her baby

Kate & her baby
As far as the house goes, we had the inspection yesterday and there were just a few minor things that needed fixing. The seller is as ready to move out as we are to move in! We are just waiting on loan papers, the appraisal, and the land survey. I have so many ideas for the house and I'm so excited! The countdown is less than 3 weeks!

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  1. 3 wks that is awesome! They look so cute taking care of their babies!