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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tomorrow is the Big Day

We once again have the privilege and honor of walking in the annual March of Dimes walk. Last year was our first year and we had a blast! The most important thing is that we are raising money to support continued research for healthy pregnancies to prevent premature birth. And for those of us who couldn't help but have premature babies, to support medical advances in nurturing healthy growth of premature babies. I honestly truly never even fathomed premature babies until I had them. I just lived my own little blissful world that almost all babies were born as healthy, full-term babies. Our lives had just never been touched by any preemies. Two years ago I NEVER would have thought that a baby born at 28 weeks or even earlier would have any chance of survival, much less live a healthy normal life. I suppose I underestimated God big time!

Now I cannot fathom not supporting March of Dimes. Every child that is born, no matter how early, should have the chance and the right to live. I have heard rumors that in some cases of universal healthy care, the insurance company will set a standard as to how many gestational weeks or pounds a baby must be in order to treat them. So you are telling me that my 1.5 lb. baby shouldn't have the right to medical treatment due to something that was completely beyond her control? And you are telling me that my precious girls should possibly not be here because they just aren't worth the medical cost? NO WAY!!!!! You can bet that if that ever comes up in this country's health insurance reform, this mama (along with countless other mothers of preemies) will be banging down the doors of government.

But I digress, moving back to my original intent for this post...we would love for you to join us in supporting the March of Dimes. Any amount you can give is wonderful! No amount is too small. Really, I mean it. Here's a link to our team's website, Marching Miracle Multiples. Thank you so much!

I will post some pictures tomorrow!

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