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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Not Meaningless

Not much to say today, but just wanted to share another song with you.  Yes, I wept through it.  For a couple of reasons:

1) God is still worthy of my worship, praise, and adoration even when His plans are not my plans.  Sometimes that worship comes through the simple tears of surrender.

2) I love when John Piper says that every millisecond of my pain is meaningful, especially when it comes out of an obedient heart.  It would be so easy to walk away out of anger & jealousy because it is a fight to keep believing out of obedience.  Do I always feel like trusting God?  No.  There are some days I do it simply because I make a choice to.  When I hear that someone else is pregnant with a healthy, growing I let myself be overcome with jealousy & anger?  I could, but I fight not to.  God has been so gracious to me to write scripture upon my heart that has guarded me from getting entangled in those sins.   I love that He will honor my obedience even when it's done through tears of pain, a willing heart, and not just when I feel like it.

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