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Monday, April 18, 2011

This & That

George had a 3 day weekend so he had many things this weekend to accomplish. He had some help from some family this weekend, but he mostly did all of the tile work by himself. He also painted the tub. He was adamantly against replacing it because of its sturdiness, but I wanted it to at least look new so we compromised and he spray painted it with some special tub resurfacing spray. It looks very white now! Mission accomplished. All of the floor tile is down now and he is moving on to the tub tile as soon as he grouts the floor! His other project this weekend was to rebuild the closet in the girls' bedroom. I guess all you have to do is feed people and invite them over for lunch & dinner and the closet fairies show up!!!! Yay! Anyway, these guys did a great job and now George and Dru are working on putting up drywall as I type this! You can see the size of the old closet on the wall where the gray spot is. Whomever thought that tiny space would be big enough was kidding themselves. And since my passport to Busch Gardens was expiring soon (actually today) and I wanted to make sure the girls got there before their sister was born, Sarah and I made a trip there (in one car...woohoo for minivans!) last Friday. We rode a couple of rides, watched the Sesame Street show, and played for a while in the water. We even had front row, middle section seats for the show. The girls got to give the characters several high fives.
Would someone please tell this crazy woman to quit taking pictures and just give me my goldfish?

Kate (above & below)

Hungry Rachel


The next video is me trying to get the girls to sing. I guess I wasn't specific enough in what song I wanted them to sing and when they are a little more focused, the songs come out better. Enjoy!

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