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Friday, March 20, 2009

Beach Bums

Hannah and Kate went to the beach for the first time today. We went with some of George's family. It was a lot of fun and the girls were excellent minus some minor fussiness because they did not get decent naps. We got to dip their feet in the water but it was too cold to actually put them all the way in. We'll have to save that for when the water is warmer.

Kate & Dadddy testing out the water
Kate loved to pull up her bathing suit & eat it

Nanny & Hannah

Daddy & Hannah

Mommy & Hannah-testing out the water

Two little beach bums-forgive my daughter who loves to flash the camera

Hannah is in cherries & Kate is in strawberries


Hannah is enraptured by Grampy Lantz

As part of our NICU follow-up we had the girls evaluated by a developmental clinic. There was a team of about 5 workers who evaluated them. They basically asked me questions about certain skills they could or couldn't do and then spent some time watching them play, etc. Based on their observations, they said that they are actually do many things that a normal 6 month old would be doing. That is awesome. They told me to keep up whatever we were doing at home! I really didn't think that they would find anything that would be concerning, but it always feels good to have professionals who know what to look for tell you that your children are doing just fine! They loved all of the attention. Kate actually thought that one of the nurses was absolutely hilarious and was actually laughing out loud at her. They both laugh out loud, but not for more than a few ha-ha's. Kate actually carried her laugh on for several seconds. They both had quite the audience.

Hannah has also graduated to no swaddlers at nighttime.

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