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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making Friends

One of the things that I love about our Bible Fellowship class is that there are so many young kids/babies and that Hannah and Kate will grow up and be their friends. We have an awesome group of friends in our class and I love knowing that I do not have to hesitate in letting Hannah and Kate go play at "so-and-so's" house because I already know what principles are taught in that home. We are a very fertile class, which made it hard when we were trying to get pregnant, but it's great now. There are actually quite a few good looking little boys in there (hint hint)! Don't worry, George and I are not arranging any marriages...yet.
With that said, Nicole (one of the other women in our class) and Julia came over the other day to hang out. Her husband is currently deployed in the Middle East so she is a single mommy for the time being. Nicole was actually due one day before my due date so we went through the stages of pregnancy at the same time, that is until 7 months. Now our daughters are going through the same milestones and development at the same time though. Julia is much longer than Hannah or Kate, but she is about the size of Hannah. My girls are the chubby ones! We had a lot of fun the other day and here is a picture of Hannah and Kate and their friend, Julia.

Kate, Hannah, and Julia

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  1. Yes...there are certainly good looking little boys. I know in particular :)! I LOVE the new header picture!!! Love it!! And all the girls are so adorable lined up!! I need to get a picture of Link in the middle of them :).